Hoxna is being built by successful entrepreneurs.

Mark Flores Martin


Mark is a generalist, who has founded various companies from working as an ethical hacker, to building VR casino games, mortgages and real estate products. Mark's goal is to create open systems that drive humanity forward, leaving behind the idea that we must build walls and landmines behind us for competitors that stifle progress. He believes that by working collectively with a common human goal we can help reap greater rewards.

David Graydon


David Graydon is an entrepreneur, tech and crypto investor. He started as a qualified Accountant and has worked as a management consultant for KPMG, Barclays Bank and an advisor for a number of government departments. He owns a Proptech company and invests in other startups across various industries (Proptech, Fintech and others).

Heiti Kender


Heiti Kender is a generalist who has worked on IT during the Russian-Georgian War, has consulted oil companies in Peru and Guatemala, and most recently in an award-winning video game company as CTO. He founded the Apple Authorized Premium Service Center in Estonia and has invested in and founded various startups in the health and medicine sector.

Emmanuel Jansa


Emmanuel is a serial entrepreneur. After a few years with Moody´s Analytics he co-founded a utility solar developer. He is co-founder of the VoiP company Sipink and owns iQuantis, a software development house. He brings in his tech management skills to build an amazing development team for Hoxna.

Marc Gehring

Head of AI

During his career, Marc focused on the development and implementation of use cases in the field of Artificial Intelligence. He used this knowledge to co-found the platform WeconnectAI. Essential to the development of Hoxna are his knowledge in NLP and transformation models like GPT-3 and Conversational Intelligence, but also recommendation engines, process mining and platform business models.

Tobias Hetfleisch

Head of AI

Tobi has a background in engineering and specialised in machine learning and data science. He built up a large network of customers in Germany, whom he advised on the implementation of AI algorithms. From this base, he co-founded WeconnectAI, a platform for AI software brokerage. In parallel, he applied Deep Learning models in the real estate industry and co-founded Brickbyte, a consultancy firm with internal software for automated planning and 3D rendering.

Dr. Michael Flores Martin

Head of Legal

Michael studied at the University of Malta and the University of Derby, graduating with a Bachelor of Laws (LL.B) with sociology, Diploma of Notary Public (N.P.), Masters of Law (LL.M) and Doctor of Laws (LL.D). Michael’s focus is corporate and finance with a passion for blockchain, whereby he has attained a certificate for VFA (Virtual Financial Assets) Agents as well as an Award in Blockchain Technology. Michael has worked with various law firms, and currently sits on a board of large companies. Formerly holding a position as an executive director of Mare Services Limited, a Malta Financial Services Authority licensed corporate service provider, he resigned to focus on the Hoxna project. Having completed a Diploma in Combatting Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing and having over 10 years’ experience and knowledge in such fields, Dr. Michael will help Hoxna bridge the gap between the tech and regulation.

Paul Squires

Head of Brand and Communications

Paul is a writer, strategist, and coach. He has led digital teams for global organisations, including the British Council, E.ON, Rolls-Royce, and IBM iX, and is the former Chair of digital arts organisation Furtherfield. Paul was also the publisher of popular arts and technology magazine Imperica.

Michal Swierczynski

Funds Officer

Michal has a background in finance and business consultancy. He has strong expertise in financial services and business development, gained from own FinTech startup, and has been a business advisor and worked for some major financial organisations. Throughout his career, he has focused on various aspects of business strategies, designing financial products and services, as well as overseeing operations and finance.

Monika Bereczova

Mortgages and Licensing

Monika is a serial entrepreneur, and her most recent project is Hypomo, a fully-integrated Real Estate value chain to help people buy, sell and finance their home. Monika runs a community aiming to close the leadership gap by connecting the next generation of female leaders with decision-makers of today. Coming from the humble beginnings of a small farming village in the middle of Slovakia, Monika strongly believes in a “giving-back“ mentality and has a holistic approach to life. She is an active mentor for entrepreneurs, and is an international speaker on entrepreneurship and diversity topics.

Jeffrey Vadal, Ph.D.

Head of Virtual Reality

Jeffrey R. Vadala holds a Ph.D. in Anthropology (University of Florida 2016), an M.A. with a focus in Archaeology (California State University Los Angeles 2009), and a Bachelor of Science (University of California Riverside 2005). Currently, he is working on a variety of anthropological and digital humanities-related research projects. In addition to socio-cultural anthropological research (detailed below), Jeffrey Vadala studies ancient Maya sites in the Yucatan and Northern Belize. At the site of Cerro Maya (formerly known as Cerros Belize), Jeffrey Vadala’s research used virtual reality analytical methods, Bayesian statistical modeling, assemblage theory and new sociological theory to characterize the development of early Maya material practices, architectural calendar systems, and social orders.

Natnaniel Z

Blockchain Development Lead

Natnael is a full-stack engineer with heavy blockchain background and expertise. Natnael has also previously founded Kokoro (A smart coin built on the Chia Network for the Sirius Labs X Chia Global Chia Hackathon) ranked in top 5 DeFi apps on the hackhathon from hundreds of projects, He also founded SmartQuiz (an AI-Based automatic quiz generator). He was also a former core team member of ZeroBridge (which allows the transfer of tokens from Ethereum compatible chains to Algorand) that the Algorand Foundation awarded a SupaGrant.

Alan Cini

SMM Advisor

Having started his career as a software engineer, Alan was never averse to a new challenge and, throughout his career, he developed a deep understanding of marketing and a passion for design. His previous engagements required him to become a hybrid and adapt to rapid changes, while quickly absorbing new ideas and concepts, in order to develop innovative and creative solutions to problems.