Transforming the real estate sector.

Hoxna Virgo:
virtual management for real estate.

Show property in VR. Authenticate access to real-world properties. Provide temporary RFID keys to tenants or buyers. All of that comes with Hoxna.

In other words… convenience, reliability and security.

Instant acceptance

Give buyers or tenants a true virtual tour of a property, then give them access through immediate financial transactions.

Fast and secure

Exchange assets in real time, with all transactions synchronising across the chains that each asset references.

No gold rush

Ownership of real-world assets is synchronised to ownership of those in the metaverse. What’s yours in one place is yours everywhere.

Better online marketing

Real estate rental and purchase portals can offer a richer experience through each property being available, like-for-like, in virtual space.

Transform your property potential.

Property developers, real estate rental companies, service providers, and digital aggregators are all welcome in the Hoxna community.

VR property tours
Instant transactions
Portal integration
Ownership validation
Property authentication
Immutable Blockchain security