Fundraising the future of Hoxna!

On a mission to deliver a synthetic reality by creating a digital twin of earth that blurs the lines between the physical and digital powered by a blockchain built upon the physical real estate market.

Join us on the journey to a world complemented, not replaced, by our unique blend of Web3 and VR technologies.
We call it Synthetic Reality.

Our team are visionaries who have already set standards in world industries.

Hoxna boasts one of the strongest Entrepreneurial teams in the crypto world each with their respective businesses successes that follow.

Invest in Hoxna and help us to build the future… now.

Hoxna is the first large-scale, multi-metaverse project with true NFT and blockchain integration, offering a brand-new ecosystem for the financial sector, the property sector, and developers across VR, AR, and elsewhere.

Invest in Hoxna, and you’re investing in Web3.

Investors are entitled to a given proportion of the Hoxna cryptocurrency, Hoxna Coin (HXNA) as we increase the liquidity pool in crypto markets.
The HXNA coin will be used for transaction fees. It will be financially stable and without the significant CO2 emissions of other cryptocurrencies.

NFTs linked to property.
Crypto for transactions.


Our cryptocurrency



We’re European

Our management team is based in Spain, Germany, Malta, Slovakia, and the UK.

We’re experienced

Management experience from startups, corporates, law, property, and tech.

We’re solid

Hoxna is governed and managed by the not-for-profit TerraEarth Foundation.

We’re here

Our financials, project plans, pitch decks, and further artefacts are ready.

Our pitch deck contains full information on Hoxna, the TerraEarth foundation, our business model and tokenomics, and our roadmap.
We’re looking forward to meeting you and your investment team.”

Mark Flores Martin
Hoxna CEO


June 2017

Co-founder Mark creates Hypomo, a digital realestate business that becomes the inspiration for Hoxna.


A private seed-funding round is announced by the TerraEarth Foundation to build Hoxna.

The TerraEarth Foundation is formally set up asa legal entity in Europe.


Public sale (ITO) commences. Private sale fundraising commences. The Hoxna MVP is available in Alpha.


🚀 HOXNA launches

Hoxna will launch in Beta. Initial integrations are available, including with crypto wallets and aggregators. The Hoxna Layer 2 blockchain is launched. Our code is released as open source.


The Unreal Engine plugin is released. A prototype for Unity is released. Services for estate agents (VR) and banks (mortgages) are launched. The property connector for real-world real estate is launched.

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