The Future of Synthetic Reality.

Welcome to 2025!

The world has been scanned.

Hoxna releases the first version of subconscious AI that can generate 3D objects by simply using voice.

Subconscious AI

Hello Hoxna...

“I want two trees, with a beautiful moon in the background set on a starry night…”

For Developers and Creators

The Best Ideas WIN!

Hoxna is transforming the relationship between humanity and technology. Only the best ideas that inspire creators, builders, and programmers to develop immersive experiences that drive people to engage with the world, will win.

Synthetic Reality

Make it come to LIFE!

By merging our physical with the virtual world, Hoxna will bring Synthetic Reality to millions of people worldwide.


Open-Sourcing our world

Hoxna gives you the tools to create innovative, real-world Augmented Reality experiences.


Real estate in ultra HD.

Our integration with Unreal Engine provides a no-code solution for metaverse development. Developers will be able to focus on the tools and content that matters, without having to spend unnecessary amounts of time and effort to build the presentation layer.

Also, with Hoxna, developers will be able to connect with all of the other metaverses that use the same protocol – giving a deep, data-rich insight into usage, content, and markets.

Hoxna Gemini

The metaverse, at scale.

Gemini is a platform which empowers developers to develop and deploy new metaverses, on a stable blockchain, in a quick and easy way.

Unreal Engine is a game-changer in the development of virtual environments. For this reason, our Gemini platform puts all its power to the service of metaverse development.

Open source

All of our code is available as open source. Install it anywhere and fork it for your own use.

Our asset layer

Based on P2P BitTorrent technology, our asset layer provides the visual and atmospheric data for the metaverse.

Our NFT layer

This layer, linking to physical asset records and mortgages, authenticates objects in the asset layer.

A vibrant community

We’re developers too. Share insights, ideas, and code with Hoxna’s global community.

Web3 routes to market

Hoxna’s tools, protocols and services offer developers and agencies a low-code, high-impact route to Web3.

Unreal Engine

If you know Unreal, you’ll find working with Hoxna a dream. Build metaverses with the tools you know.

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