Future-proof your bank with Hoxna.

Hoxna’s ground-breaking technology connects real-world and metaverse activities and transactions, allowing for banks and customers to work together seamlessly.
No clunky apps. Risk profiles in real time.
It’s all here.

Mortgages at the speed of light

Hoxna platform will eventually assume functions such as listings, payments, and legal documentation all for free.

Direct selling

Cutting out the intermediaries will result in buyers and sellers getting more out of their money, as they save on commissions and fees.

An open, no-code architecture.

Core-agnostic and natively integrated with SBS core banking systems, Hoxna’s digital products can be launched in a front-to-back or a domain-focused way, rolled out component by component across the front, middle, and back layers of a bank’s digital infrastructure. Bring your bank to life in days instead of months.

Working with banks… from the oldest, to the youngest.

We are delighted to work with established banks as well as those more deeply involved with FinTech.

Hoxna fulfils the needs of banking institutions looking at exploring the opportunities of “synthetic reality” with interconnected real and virtual property can offer.

Our platform also serves the interests of DeFi lenders, who will be able to offer loan collateral, in a fast, secure and predictable way.

From AR to VR, and beyond

Work with Hoxna to identify and interrogate proven routes to new markets.

Open source

We “code in the open” to foster community development and security-hardened code.

Build a digital bank in 30 days

Use our toolkit to create your digital bank and quickly go to market – front-end, middleware, and core banking systems.

Secure and private for bank and customer

Compliance and regulatory reporting for KYC, AML, PSD2, and GDPR.

Immutable transactions

Our banking middleware is powered by the unique Hoxna Blockchain.

Generate new revenue

Uncover possibilities, connect with third parties, and create neatly bundled, personalized bank and non-bank offers.

A reputation built and maintained on security.

A core pillar of our mission is to create certainty by building a platform that is not based on trust, but on proof. In the era of Web3, our blockchain technology is the answer to a widespread need for digital truth in the real estate industry.

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