Meet Hoxna.
A blockchain we have owned for thousands of years.

Hoxna is on a mission to deliver a synthetic reality by creating a digital twin of earth that blurs the lines between the physical and digital powered by a blockchain built upon the physical real estate market.

Transforming transactions

With Hoxna, buying and selling property in the real world becomes cheaper and faster than ever before.

A metaverse you already own

Because the real world is mapped directly onto the Hoxna metaverse, what you own in real life is yours in the virtual.

Register your land to mint new Clay NFTs

When a user links and registers their real-world property, they buy the HXNA token which is minted (burned) to create the Clay Token.

Scan the world and earn HXNA

For environments like the metaverse to be realistic, they need realistic imagery. For every import of photographic imagery, users are rewarded through the Hoxna Creators Fund.

More knowledge means a greater shared wealth

With more and richer data available every day through Hoxna, financial institutions buy into that data and the access fees go to the staking community.

June 2017
Co-founder Mark creates Hypomo, a digital real estate business that becomes the inspiration for Hoxna.
November 2021
The management team is set up to govern the TerraEarth Foundation - the not-for-profit organisation overseeing Hoxna.
December 2021
TerraEarth starts to build a universal gaming engine connector, linking real-world real estate with virtual worlds and metaverse environments.
April 2022
A private seed-funding round is announced by the TerraEarth Foundation to build Hoxna.
April 2022
The TerraEarth Foundation is formally set up as a legal entity in Europe.
The Hoxna MVP is ready.
Private sale fundraising commences.
Q4 2022
Public sale (ITO) commences.
The Hoxna MVP is launched.
The Hoxna Bug Bounty scheme is launched.
Select land will launch in metaverse environments through Hoxna.
Q1 2023
🚀 HOXNA launches
Hoxna will launch in Beta.
Initial integrations are available, including with crypto wallets and aggregators.
The Hoxna Layer 2 blockchain is launched.
Our code is released as open source.
Q2 2023
The Unreal Engine plugin is released.
A prototype for Unity is released.
Services for estate agents (VR) and banks (mortgages) are launched.
The property connector for real-world real estate is launched.

Stable, trusted transactions.

Because the value of property in Hoxna is directly linked back to the value of property in the real world, Hoxna’s virtual environment and crypto services are less prone to the wild price fluctuations seen elsewhere. With our blockchain providing immutable transaction records, we are “designing out” the risk of digital financial investments.

Backed by the Hoxna Foundation.

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