Scans to Date
GPU Power Used
71,078,986 MH
Avg payment per transaction
15900 HXC
GPU Nodes

Why Hoxna?

Hoxna is founded by a team of accomplished entrepreneurs with extensive experience in a diverse range of industries, including AI, augmented and virtual reality, real estate, mortgage, ecommerce, gaming, blockchain, and crypto. The Hoxna leadership has also demonstrated their business expertise in operations, marketing, finance, investment, and law. With a track record of success in these areas, the Hoxna team has founded several highly awarded businesses.

Bridging the Physical & Digital Worlds, at Scale.

Hoxna will empower the interaction of digital objects with our physical world, and vice versa. We will offer a platform to enable developers to create innovative, real-world XR tools and experiences. Integrate once, never worry about scaling, and leave the pain of fragmented Layer 2 systems or sharded chains behind.

Open Source 3D AI Map

As our world changes, so does the 3D AI Map. Through incentivised gamification our scan-for-coin 3D Scanner app, for the first time a hyper-accurate, AI-driven, open-source map of our world will be made available for developers and creators to tap into.

Digital Twin SDK

Our Digital Twin SDK will offer developers the opportunity to build, layer, and integrate data from real-world captures into their own applications. Even where there may be gaps in the data, the SDK will provide AI integration for your environments to look natural and seamless.


Within three years, Hoxna will release what we are calling Subconscious, a voice-controlled AI tool that will generate 3D objects and scenes before your very eyes in near real-time. Unlike current AI-powered visual generators, which require detailed textual input, Subconscious will translate spoken words through natural language processing into a visual, 3D scene.